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This will not be the name of the focus group where all positions desired frembragt. Subsequently, the erroneous attitudes become of the qualitative method, the found positions on search results obtained in the top will be worked out. It will be necessary to shape attitudes, as it is expected that the results from the interviews and focus group will divide itself between 'right attitudes' and 'erroneous attitudes'. Furthermore, there is an expectation that some positions will fall outside these categories, and thus can not be described professional seo services as either right or because of the disadvantages that the focus group produces will be for the focus group interview be both a facilitator and an observer. Facilitators role will be to manage the interview and create an environment where respondents want to participate and share their views.

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In addition, facilitators role also, to steer the conversation so the topic remains related local business seo to what does a search as number. An observer will be present to observe non-verbal expression, etc. Appears during the focus group, which will be analyzed and be helpful to show the respondents' attitude to that topic. There are several methods of composition of participants for focus group flick,, these are not used because of resource constraints. The number of interviews and focus groups will be low, which is acceptable because of the large amount of data as the qualitative methods produce kale.the focus group will consist of eight members, including four girls aged- and four boys aged -. The interview will take to minutes and will take place in the premises of the company compel, which is located in the center of aarhus.

The focus group will take place in the period: to: so that all participants can attend after school, work or other.for to quality assure the qualitative part of the thesis was based on luck mountain criteria; credibility, transferbility, dependability and confirm ability. These will be examined below. Throughout the costs interviews are maintained at that in both interviews and focus group var people present, to manage as well as observe. In addition, the sound recordings made of the interviews and the focus group, which were used for subsequent processing of the material. Additionally, there are termination shown in both interviews and focus group, made confirmation of the results by asking is hereby really understood that i hear you say that.

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To achieve high credibility, it would be necessary to process all data after the interviews and focus group, and retrieve erroneous attitudes and subsequent few respondents from the focus group to approve the results along with the author. This degree of credibility was not considered necessary in the thesis because of the interviews, and focus group's purpose as previous analysis small business seo packages of the quantitative part, where it is assumed that any errors would be picked up at no answers or very few responses in the further analysis. There will be a desire about transferbility results see. Paradigm choice in section., so the retrieved positions must be maintainable from the thesis to the population, and thus used by new brands. There will be opportunity to create the comparison with other results and interpretations, when the dissertation contributes new knowledge to a defective area.

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The thesis assumed less importance on the final results, obtained on the basis of quantitative analysis, as these are previous to the qualitative study. Dependability attempted achieved by the use to visit here of a facilitator and an observer see. Section. One observer has been used with the purpose to observe the underlying attitudes displayed by behavior besides language form. In addition, observatory task also been testing the facilitator's role, and conclude whether an objective role has been maintained through all the interviews and focus group. Dependability is also trying maintained now they made findings based on interviews and focus group has been presented to experts in the field.the purpose of is to achieve an objective writer, so the results can be reproduced by other studies in the same area, following the same approach and methodology. To obtain reasonable, the conclusions and lessons therefore be acceptable to the people within the field of seo and search engines.